A seed was planted from a picture of a church in a real estate listing book.

The seed was cultivated at a John Michael Talbot concert where all night the messages of "Sell all you have, give to the poor and follow me," and "Peter do you love me? Feed my sheep." seemed to be directed specifically at them. Gary and Linda left the concert and drove by the church that was in the real estate listing. God had spoken.

"A seed was planted."

The first step in planting the seed took sacrifice.

After months of research, prayer and feeling God's loving hand guiding them, they sold their home in the suburbs and on April 12, 1993, purchased the derelict city church which is now Harvest House.

"The seed was watered"

There were many obstacles that they faced.

Gary and Linda were not given a warm welcome when they started down the path they knew they were meant to follow.

Their faith gave them the strength needed to persevere. Many of their experiences are shared in books: Five Years of Faith written by Linda Tatu, and a collection of stories by Gary, as printed in our newsletter over the years as Gary's Corner. Both books are available by contacting the main office at (716) 825-0929.